Music Lessons

Guitar and Keyboard

Children in Years 3-6 are invited to have guitar or keyboard lessons provided by Essex Music Services tutors.  The instruments available and the termly fees are:-

Music fees are payable at the beginning of each term and cheques should be made payable to Jotmans Hall Primary School.  Please note priority is given to children already having music lessons.  If you are in receipt of pupil premium, music tuition is free. 


Group Guitar

We are also pleased to offer Year 1 and 2 children group guitar lessons.  The cost of this will depend on the number of children in the group, but generally is in the region of £17.50 - £24.00 for 10 lessons.  We are able to provide suitable guitars. 

Please ask the office for more details.   


Violin Lessons

Violin tuition is provided by Essex Music Services tutors and the cost is £70 (10 lessons of 15 minutes per week)

If you require details, please ask at the office.   


Drum Lessons

Drum tuition is provided by Morley Music Academy to children in Year 3 - 6. These are individual lessons and the cost is £80 (10 lessons of 15 minutes per week)

Please ask the office for more details.

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